Reach for the stars! That's how the phrase goes... right?

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mina cute little welcome banner would go here tee hee

Name: Mina Lastname
Species: Secret •;)
Status: Alive
Color: Purple
Position: Tambourine
Weapon: Chakrams
Symbol: Cresccent Moon (☽)

Hi :) This is my page I made it myself!! Well- The big boss guy helped me set it up hehe I just made it cute and he did all the hacker stuff. I'm Mina! I think I'm the newest and or the youngest member of the group! Honestly I didn't know it was a music idol group thing until I was way in it. I just needed to do some afterschool stuff soooooooo yeah!

I'm just your average high school girl, so finding myself in an Idol group that's also a magic hero sort of team is a big big surprise to me. Really cool though!! I get to do all sorts of cool awesome things like be purple and wear such nice and cool clothes. Life's gotten waaayyyyy more exciting now that I get to hang with demons and monsters and snakes and aliens. We don't actually have an alien. Why did I say alien? We don't have one of those 😊

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What do I do you may ask? Uhhhh I don't know yet actually! I can turn ourple and put sparkles in my hair, which I think is plenty awesome and cool and useful. Nothing else! Promise!!

Mina! | 18 | ♍︎
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