I'll try remembering some other day...
Name: Anika
Species: Mummy
Status: Undead
Color: Orange
Position: Vocals
Weapon: Khopesh
Symbol: Ankh (☥)

I've forgotten alot of my past. I do not remember how I died or anyone that I had known before. My earliest memory was just being woken up by him and taken away from what I can only assume was my tomb.

He took me miles away from what was once my home, but I suppose I had no other choice. After he caught me up on everything, I could only assume I had no one left. It wasn't much of a loss, I guess. I now live with the rest of the team, and they're all I really need.

Temporary Image

Along with me though, he did bring back my cat Osiris, and I'm very greatful. He didn't need to do that, but he did! He's a little dead too, but it's nothing some bandages can't fix.